Ashton, Manchester

Trips and Visits Policy

Policy Created: January 2020
Reviewed by: Grace Speakman
Review Date: January 2021


Whether the visit or trip is to a local park, museum or swimming pool, a residential stay in the UK or abroad or an adventure activities trip, all trips and visits must be planned and approved following the Trips and
Visits Policy and Procedure.

Overall responsibility for ensuring the procedure is followed is delegated to the Trip Organiser.

The appropriate manager must satisfy themselves that the person planning the visit is competent to do so and has the necessary relevant experience to take responsibility for planning and managing the trip or visit.

All trips and visits must receive HoD and AP approval with VP approval for those classed as high risk or international (Refer to approval flow chart)

  • One Day Visits minimum of 2 weeks prior to visit
  • Residential UK trips minimum of 6 weeks prior to trip
  • Overseas trips minimum of 16 weeks prior to trip

For all trips and visits, written permission for learners and  emergency contact and medical information for all learners must be obtained.

When learners are on a trip or visit, an accurate emergency contact list must be available at Safe Start including details of trip/visit, learners and staff on the visit and named emergency
contact at school.


The policy and procedure apply to all trips and visits for learners.

The responsibility for providing
emergency and medical information lies with parents/carers for learners

In addition the safety of staff must be considered and included into the planning and risk assessment process.

All staff and volunteers who may have unsupervised contact with learners must be DBS checked.

Monitoring and Reporting

Written evidence must be maintained as evidence of planning for all trips and visits.

All trips and visits require completion of the Trips and Visits Risk Assessment.

The Risk Assessment must be  reviewed immediately prior to any trip or visit to ensure there have been no changes to learner cohort, activities, destination or Home Office advice regarding safe travel that require additional/amended risk assessment.

Trips and Visits Policy

Summary Procedure:

  1. Complete Travel/Trips Request and Authorisation Form and Risk Assessment Form for AP and VP approval
  2. As part of Risk Assessment, ensure safe travel arrangements are considered taking into account any current government or authorised government agency travel advice
  3. Agree staffing required for trip
  4. Complete and distribute Trip letter and Medical Information/Emergency Contact Form
  5. For learners include Permission Slip with letter
  6. Confirm trip bookings (including travel and accommodation)
  7. Ensure you have a copy of signed Permission Slips (14-18) and Medical Information/ Emergency
    Contact Form for each learner on the trip
  8. Complete summary list of emergency contact details
  9. Ensure copy of emergency contact details list is provided for Reception and Emergency School

Approval process for all Trips and Visits

Refer to approval chart for any high-risk trips and visits, all students must sign a disclaimer

Approval deadlines:

  • One Day Visits minimum of 2 weeks prior to visit
  • Residential Visits minimum of 6 weeks prior to visit
  • Overseas Visits minimum of 16 weeks prior to visit