Ashton, Manchester

Child Safe Guarding Officer

Stuart is a child safe guarding officer at the Prevention Centre and Safe Start School, a job he describes as “a job role that means the world to me.”

Stuart spent his childhood living in the care system moving from one children’s home to the next and was bullied as child for this reason.

Through his teenage years he started boxing at first as a means to defend himself, and these skills developed into a passion.

At the age of 17 Stuart joined the Armed Forces, serving in Northern Ireland.  After leaving the army, Stuart struggled to find purpose, often getting in trouble himself.  In self preservation, he returned to his boxing roots, fighting in traditional bare knuckle boxing.

Becoming a father to 3 amazing children, he chose to focus his energy and talents on raising his 3 children, and helping other children lost in the same world he was, to use the discipline that comes with training to box, and help them develop a purpose that keeps them out of trouble.

“I didn’t choose the life I lived, it chose me.  But I chose to walk away and turn things around and if I can achieve that then anyone can do the same”