Ashton, Manchester

Safe Start Learner Agreement

Policy Created: January 2020
Reviewed by: Grace Speakman
Review Date: January 2021


Safe Start education provides a wraparound support package immediately. We aim to
develop and build individual resilience through educating diverse characters through a
trauma informed lens. Safe start education gives learners a safe start to future education,
training, development and progression.

Our Values:

  • Develop self-confidence through resilience building with our learners
  • Help students develop a sense of purpose
  • Promote respect and diversity
  • Committed to highlighting and promoting inclusion
    o Embed a sense of pride, community and belonging for our learners
  • Highlight student potential and promote goal orientated aspirations despite adverse experienced trauma
  • Helping our young people to be resilient and future ready!

Our Deal

Be respectful

  • Be honest
  • Show appreciation
  • Be inclusive and kind

Be Collaborative

  • Share
  • Understand each other
  • Work together

Be proactive

  • Problem solve
  • Get involved
  • See it, say it, lets sort it together

Be committed

  • Finish what you start
  • Try hard
  • Challenge yourself

Be responsible

  • Take ownership
  • Have a can do attitude
  • Lead by example

Be ambitious

  • Be determined
  • Aim high
  • Be proud

Be professional

  • Be ready
  • Wear your ID
  • Be employable in your future

My learner agreement