Ashton, Manchester

Message from THE Principal



Thank you for taking the time to look at Safe Start.

We are a Tameside based education provider with a trauma-informed lens, helping students build their resilience and flourish in a happy and healthy way.

We have a dedicated and unique approach to education and build a curriculum around the needs and goals of students for them to live the best lives possible.

We cover all aspects of the National Curriculum as
well as vocational and non-curriculum options for those looking for a non-mainstream educational avenue.

Our committed team of professionals work alongside young people in a wraparound service that encompasses a child’s life to allow them access
to the best services and information available.

The team takes a unique and innovative approach to educating key stages 3 and 4 working both in and out of the classroom.

If you cannot find in class, we may be in our allotment – the space we teach students about the environment, sustainability and healthy eating.

If you want more information about the work we do, or anything else – feel free to get in touch with us via our contact sheet and a member of
the team will be in touch.