Ashton, Manchester

Safe Start Complaint Procedure Policy

Policy Created: January 2020
Reviewed by: Grace Speakman
Review Date: January 2021

Step 1: Informal

Please start by telling the Head of the centre your child attends or your Pastoral Support
Officer about your concern. This is usually the best and quickest way of resolving issues.

Step 2: Informal

If you feel dissatisfied with the outcome of discussions with the Head, please ask for an
appointment to meet with the Headteacher or a member of the leadership team, a
Deputy Headteacher or Assistant Headteacher.
Step 3: Formal – complaint letter to the Headteacher

If you feel that the issue you have raised has not been resolved through the informal
process and you wish to pursue it further you may raise it through the formal procedure.
To do this you must write a formal letter of complaint to the Headteacher.
Step 4: Complaints not resolved through the formal procedure

If you believe that the school has not properly followed its complaints procedure or has not acted fairly or reasonably in responding to your complaint you may refer the matter to the local authority.

The local authority has no legal right or duty to deal with most complaints about schools but will provide advice to the parent/carer and the Management of Safe Start in the event that a complaint which has been considered under the formal procedure remains unresolved or if the complaint is specifically about
the headteacher.

Finally, on conclusion of Step 4, you may ask for your complaint to be heard by a sub group from the Management of Safe Start. A copy of the full procedure will be available from the centre your child attends.